Aletheia’s Storytelling Festival 2022

halling primary school performing at aletheia academies trust storytelling festival

Aletheia’s Storytelling Festival 2022

On the 13th of July 2022, Aletheia Academies Trust held its very first Storytelling Festival at Saint George’s All-Through School, which some pupils from Rosherville were lucky enough to attend!

After the amazing Phil McDermott came into Rosherville, back at the end of January, the children have continued to learn about oracy and developed their storytelling abilities; leading to them telling their own stories at the Aletheia Storytelling Festival.

The storytelling festival included pupils from Shorne CofE, Horton Kirby CofE, St Botolph’s CofE, Cliffe Woods Primary, and Rosherville Primary Academy, all coming together to share their stories. Through actions, expressions and even a prop or two, the children dived into the world of make-believe and brought their imaginations to life, for the audience of their peers from around the Trust.

There was a whole range of stories including “Sidney Spider-A Tale of Friendship” and “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” as well as some of the pupil’s very own uniquely imaginative stories! It is opportunities like these that show just some of the benefits of being part of our Trust. Bringing the children together allowed them to develop and practice oracy, in addition to growing their confidence in performing in front of others.

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