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Curriculum Groups

At Halling Primary School, we have split our subjects into 'Curriculum Groups.' All staff are part of a group to monitor, assess and evaluate the effectiveness of the subjects in their groups and ensure that our children are being given a range of enrichment opportunities.

Our Curriculum Groups are:

Wider World

“Those who know about the world, know about themselves.”. The Wider World team consists of History, Geography, RE and Modern Foreign Language. Understanding the wider world is vital in ensuring that children understand the world they live in, as well as other cultures around them. By understanding the past, different cultures and languages, and the present, they can become better more rounded citizens. With that in mind, this school year we will be celebrating ‘world languages day’, commemorating major religious festivals like Divali, Christmas and Eid and looking at how these days came to be. We will also be allowing the children to explore different ideas for themselves, whilst also respecting other’s opinions.

For more information about the Wider World group, please speak to Mr Grimes (the team's leader).

Creative Arts

Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. Creativity is having the ability to perceive the world in new ways, to find hidden patterns, to make connections and to generate solutions.
Here at Halling Primary School, within the ‘Creative Arts’ group, we will be working hard to promote creativity through a range of subjects, including; Art and Design, Design and Technology and Music.
During the course of the year, there will be a number of opportunities for children to take part in a variety of enrichment activities both in school, after school and at home. There are a number of wonderful international days that the children will have the chance to learn about and experience through a range of events.
Below are a few examples of exciting activities that the children will take part in during the course of the year:
Art and Design – Christmas Card Creation, Artist of the term, Weaving club, 3D art club, Engage Art week, National Doodle Day, International Artist Day and Day of the Dot.
Design and Technology – Halling’s Bake off, Gardening club, Healthy eating week and Car drag racing at the University of Kent.
Music – Make Music Day, Shakespeare week, Rochester Cathedral Carol Concert and Halling’s got Talent.
‘Creativity takes courage’ – Henri Matisse.

For more information about the Creative Arts group, please speak to Mrs Husband (the team's leader).


How would you define well-being?

The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as being ‘comfortable, healthy or happy,’ but for many it is important to realise that momentary happiness is not a true indication of a person’s well-being.
The New Economics Foundation gives a broader definition; ‘It is how people feel and function on a personal and social level and how they evaluate their lives.’
At Halling Primary School, we recognise that a child’s internal resources – e.g. optimism, resilience and self-esteem can affect their well-being. The development of these internal resources underpins much of the teaching that happens within school. However, some children require a more focused approach and a greater level of support. We understand that we need to work with parents and carers to support pupils, as school is only part of a much bigger picture.
We know that these are challenging times, especially when the children have been away from school, out of routine and possibly have not seen close friends and family for significant periods of time. Many children are hearing the term ‘well-being’ in the media with negative connotations and associations. The purpose of the well-being group is to look at ways in which we can raise the profile of well-being for pupils by celebrating key dates in the year, which are positively linked to their own well-being and will give them tools to develop skills for the future.
Please watch out for key dates being sent home in the future!

For more information about the Well-being group, please speak to Mrs Boyd (the team's leader).



Technology is all around us and for our children it’s always been readily available. From smart phones to smart TVs and remote controlled home devices, children are exposed to technology multiple times a day.
The Technology Learning Group incorporates the Computing Curriculum as well as the schools use of social media. At Halling Primary School, we strive to provide a high-quality computing education. This enables our children to not only become digitally literate and competent users of technology but to also develop creativity, resilience, problem-solving and critical thinking skills. We have a large computer suite, which can accommodate a full class, as well as a selection of tablets and digital cameras for the children to use to develop their technological skills. With access to Times Tables Rock Stars and Spelling Shed, our children have the opportunity to practise skills from across the curriculum using digital devices. Understanding how to stay safe while online is a huge aspect of using technology today. Throughout the year, children will complete online safety lessons as well as take part in Safer Internet Day during term three.

For more information about the Technology group, please speak to Mrs Jones (the team's leader).


As well as the groups above led by staff, we have now started a child's group (in addition to School Council). Just before lockdown, Lilly-Ann Negus approached Miss Selmi to express that she would like to see more charity work as she felt it was important to support everyone, in particular those less fortunate than ourselves. As a result of Lilly-Ann's kind, generous thinking, this academic year, there will be a Children's Charity Committee led by Lilly-Ann and supported by Miss Selmi. A display of the fantastic work from the committee is present in the school entrance area.