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Our School Vision. Ethos and Values

Halling Primary School - Learning for Life

Our vision is that through a rich, broad and balanced curriculum, extra-curricular activities and successful working partnerships with parents/ carers and the wider community, all pupils will have the best possible learning opportunities and develop a thirst for learning for life!

At Halling, we are committed to producing the best possible outcomes for our pupils by:

  • Developing confident pupils who are able to live happy and safe lives
  • Providing a rich, balanced and broad curriculum
  • Providing memorable enrichment opportunities
  • Promoting high expectations for all
  • Raising self-esteem and confidence of all members of our school
  • Celebrating one another’s achievements as a learning community
  • Developing life-long learners who enjoy challenging themselves and acquiring new skills
  • Developing responsible, moral and reflective citizens who make a positive contribution to society

Our ethos - Every member of our school is passionate that all pupils are able to achieve and so learning is specifically tailored to meet each child’s individual needs. We fully support and adhere ‘Every Child Matters,’ and as a school, we ensure all pupils, regardless of economic well-being, cultural background or disability, is able to be healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, as well as make a positive contribution to school and the wider society.

Our values – Values are fundamental expressions of what we think and believe. We encourage our pupils to contribute to the school community by taking on many responsibilities e.g. House Captains; Young Leaders; Reading Buddies; Maths Mentors; Sports Councillors; School Councillors and Online Safety Ambassadors. 

In addition, our children are excellent ambassadors to the wider community: we are proud that they take part in many community events such as the Remembrance Service and Parade in St. John’s Church, singing to the Halling Active Retired Club at Christmas, collecting Harvest Gifts for the elderly.

By participating in events in school and in the wider community, our pupils develop their capacity to be active and effective British citizens.

Core Values

Every member of the school community is expected to adhere to our 'core values.'  These underpin our behaviour strategies and ensure that our school environment is the best that it can be:


Our Aims

Aims reflect our beliefs and values and what we want to achieve as a learning community. Using our aims, we create targets and objectives for us as a school to achieve, continuously moving our school forward in an ever-changing society.

High Expectations

At Halling, we have high expectations of ourselves as staff, of pupils and the school as a whole. By having high expectations, pupils become independent, resilient and effective lifelong learners.


Our school has a happy, supportive and caring ‘feel.’ Our pupils really are at the heart of all we do. We understand that pupils need to be happy and safe in order to learn and therefore we make it our priority to ensure they are.


We treat every child fairly, equitably, with dignity and respect to ensure we have an inclusive school culture.

Learning centred

A truly inclusive learning environment where everyone in the school is challenged, strive to be the best they can be, continuously learning new things and are committed to ‘learning for life.’

Community focused

We pride ourselves in being at the heart of the community. We ensure that our pupils are given a wide range of opportunities to develop their role as a British citizen through their spiritual, moral, social and cultural compass.

Proud of our achievements

As a school, we love to celebrate our own and one another’s success. We feel that this is vitally important to develop pupil’s self-esteem and confidence.

In order to ensure our aims are met, we have a range of policies, practices and procedures that ensure our school is effectively run and that it is well led and managed at all levels. Our statutory policies are on the school website. Hard copies of all our policies are kept in the school office.

Learning for Life. Compassion Integrity
"Never stop learning; for when we stop learning, we stop growing." "At Halling Primary School, we are kind, caring and considerate." "At Halling Primary School, we always tell the truth, we are responsible and make the right choices."

We always try our best.

We take pride in our work.

We take responsibility for our own learning.

We listen to one another.

We care about everyone in our community’s feelings.

We are helpful and kind.

We are honest and take responsibility for our words and actions.

We follow the school rules so that we are all safe.

We make the right choices.




Thankfulness Respect Resilience

"At Halling Primary School, we are grateful for what we have and the opportunities given to us."

"At Halling Primary School, we treat everyone the way that we would like to be treated and we take pride in our school environment."

"At Halling Primary School, we try our very best, learn from our mistakes and never give up."

We show good manners to all members of our community.

We have a positive attitude to our learning.

We celebrate our own and each other’s successes.

We show respect to others through our words and actions.

We respect our property, the property of the school and the property of others.

We respect the rules of the school and the laws of the country.

We persevere when tasks are challenging.

We are independent, problem-solvers.

We are aspirational.