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For me Blender is the Rolls Royce of free software. Not because of it's wide spread appeal because many people would never have considered using software like this. It's because of the sheer power and capability of this program. Take a look at the demo videos on the official website and you will not believe what you can do using this software. (Click here to see demos) Even better, think what your children could be doing if they learnt to use this software?

Blender is not just a 3D program. It is what is known as a 3D suite. This is because not only can it create very detailed 3D models it also does rigging (creation of a digital skeleton for the model that allows you to move it), animation, simulation, rendering (Turning a 3D model into a 2D model with photorealistic effects), compositing (Placing a 3D model into a 2D picture. You often see it used to show what a new building might look like in place of an old one) and motion tracking (Using a camera to capture movement of a real object.)

Blender is what is known as Open Source Software. This means that anybody can view the code for the program and make changes to it, some of them being incorporated into future releases of the program. The program itself allows users to input their own code using Python (See our Coding section) to customize it's use or create their own tools.

When you first open the program it can look very intimidating, but do not be scared. There are plenty of helpful tutorials on YouTube that talk you through each step and help you learn the basics. (Click here for learners video) Once you get the hang there are others to help you learn more advance tricks and some really handy tips.

Any child who can get to grips with this program will be able to create some amazing graphics for any project.

Click HERE to visit the official website to download