We have an online uniform shop (School Trends) where you can purchase school uniforms and get them delivered to your door. Alternatively, our PTA manages Uniformerly where they offer pre-loved uniforms at discounted prices. Uniform and PE kits can be brought from local supermarkets to help minimise costs. The school logo is optional. The school colours are green, grey and white. All pupils are required to wear school uniforms. No designer emblems are permitted on tops. All items of uniform and PE clothing should be clearly and individually named.

Children are expected to come to school clean and tidy. No make-up, false nails or nail varnish should be worn. Any child with long hair must have their hair tied back for school. Only plain hair bands or clips should be worn. Extreme hairstyles i.e. shaved emblems, and Mohican/styles with severe variations in length are not permitted.

Everyday Uniform

Summer UniformWinter Uniform
• Green Jumper or Cardigan (with or without logo)
• White-collared Polo Shirt or White Shirt (with or without logo)
• School Tie (for KS2 Pupils Only)
• Dark Grey Shorts or Skirt or Pinafore
• Green and White Gingham Checked Dress
• Grey or White or Black Socks
• Flat Black Sensible School Shoes
• Sun/Baseball Hat
• Green Jumper or Cardigan (with or without logo)
• Green Fleece/Jacket (with or without logo)
• White-collared Polo Shirt or White Shirt (with or without logo)
• School Tie (for KS2 Pupils Only)
• Dark Grey Trousers or Skirt or Pinafore
• Grey or White or Black Socks
• Grey Tights
• Flat Black Sensible School Shoes
halling primary school uniform graphic

Outdoor Learning Clothes

PE Kit
• Plain White or coloured PE crew neck/polo style t-shirt.
Houses as follows:
Lambarde (Red)
Gundolph (Green)
Harris (Yellow)
Scholey (Blue)

• Plain black shorts
• White or black sports socks
• Plain black plimsolls/trainers
• Plain grey or black tracksuit (Outdoor PE)

T-Shirts are available in house colours from Amazon as cheaper alternatives.

On PE days, all children wear their PE kit to school. Please check your child’s year group newsletter for specific PE days.

House colours are as follows:

Lambarde (Red)

lambarde house logo

Gundolph (Green)

gundolph house logo

Harris (Yellow)

harris house logo

Scholey (Blue)

scholey house logo

Extra Information

Coats – The colour of the coat is a parental choice but it should be warm and waterproof during the winter months. 

Jewellery – No jewellery should be worn to school, except stud earrings. Stud earrings will need to be removed for PE lessons and we would recommend that children’s ears are pierced during the summer holiday period. If your child does have their ears pierced during the academic year, they will not be able to actively participate in PE lessons. In addition to this they will not be able to take part in taster sessions, after school/lunch sports clubs or any golden time activities that include physical activity. Staff are not permitted to remove or replace earrings.

Children are permitted to wear Medic-Alert bracelets.

Children may wear a watch to school (smartwatches are not permitted).

Hairstyles – The school reserves the right to make a judgement on where pupils’ hairstyles or hair colours are inappropriate for the school environment; however, will ensure that any such judgements do not discriminate against any pupil by virtue of their protected characteristics. Each individual pupil’s scenario will be taken into account when any judgements on appropriateness are to be made, and parents will always have the freedom to complain via the school’s Complaints Procedures Policy.

Pupils with long hair must ensure that this is tied back, and does not impede their vision, cover their face or provide a health and safety risk.

The following hairstyles are not considered appropriate for school:

  • Brightly-coloured, dyed hair.
  • Headwear with bold patterns or colours.
  • Excessive hair accessories.

Water Bottles – All children should bring a bottle of water to school each day to ensure they remain hydrated. Please ensure these are named. Water bottles can be refilled throughout the day if necessary.

Hot Weather – Please apply sun cream to your child before they come to school.

Uniform Policy